Garage doors bind security and maintain the cloak of secrecy. If you are planning to purchase a garage door for your home or work, you may need to look at different types of garage doors. A residential garage door might look appealing, but it may not be suitable for your workstation garage. Another point to observe with regard to the residential garage door in San Antonio is the weather conditions. For example, a poorly-made garage door may not be able to withstand strong wind forces. Make a wise decision before choosing your garage door. Garage doors are a large investment for your home and family.

There are notable differences between commercial garage doors and residential garage doors. Read the below points to learn about the differences between commercial and residential garage doors in San Antonio.

Size- Comparatively, residential garage doors are smaller in size than commercial garage doors. Commercial storages demand entry doors are large enough to serve their purpose – whether it be stock loading, unloading, etc. However, residential doors may not be large enough for all your equipment and business needs. Residential doors are usually built approximately 7 feet high or less — whereas commercial garage doors may reach up to 20 feet or even more.

Lift-Type- There’s standardization in this category; residential garage doors are constructed with low-headroom for lifting functionality. Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, are taller and perform more vertical lifts. This design is crucial for powerful and efficient operation.

Door Opener- Residential garage doors trim the expensive electricity bills because they require less power to operate. These doors require approximately 115 volts for operation. Commercial garage doors, on the contrary, are made of heavy equipment and consume great power, which varies from 115 volts to 575 volts (depending on the system).

Usage- Residential garage doors are primarily used to store vehicles or household items, whereas commercial garage doors are typically built to encompass large and heavy industrial items.

Strength- There’s no doubt that these garage doors are strong! But, they function best when fitted in the right frame for each residential or commercial purposes. Residential garage doors are not meant for rigorous operation, while commercial garage doors can bear heavier operations and continue their intended performance.

Manufacturing materials- In order to keep design and strength working well together, residential garage doors are commonly manufactured with the use of steel (galvanized) or aluminum materials, but other materials are being seen more frequently.  Commercial garage doors tend to be made from fiberglass, steel, wood, etc.

Aesthetic measures- Commercial garage doors consist of industrial touch and strength. While they may not be made with design in mind, residential doors are built with an appealing look and feel in mind. Aesthetic measures should not hold weight when security is a concern.

Monetary units- Initial investment in commercial garage doors may give you a heart attack, but, the advantages they provide your business will outweigh the costs. Residential garage doors may cost less comparatively, however, but they were made for a completely different purpose.

Maintenance- This factor is influenced by usage. We actually use our garage doors more than we may think. Commercial doors perform longer and better with regular maintenance. Relatively, residential garage doors require fewer checkups, but you should get a repairman out to perform regular maintenance twice a year for good measure.

The Commercial and Residential Garage Door Experts in San Antonio

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