Whether you also use your garage as storage or extra space, or just for its actual purpose, to house your car, caring for your garage door is just as essential as caring for your vehicle. Scheduling regular checks with Premium Overhead Door is highly recommended, especially as your garage door is used every day. If you work on repairs early, you avoid problems later on.

While it helps to have professionals handling much of the repairs, here are three things you can do yourself to take care of your garage door and ensure the safety of your home:

1. Check the Spring Mechanisms

Don’t forget to monitor the springs of your garage door. These mechanisms are vital for holding up and operating the movement of your door.

Here’s how you can check if the springs are performing properly, or if they need adjustment or upgrading:

  • Try pulling the manual release cord. You will usually find it in the center of your door. Then, by hand, open the door halfway, to see if it rests on its own.
  • Next, manually pull the door to a fully open position. If the springs are working, the door should hold in place on its own.
  • Lastly, check that your garage door can roll both open and shut. If necessary, some members of your household must be able to operate your garage door by hand. This process should be easy if your garage door springs are in good condition.
  • If your door feels jammed and does not roll open or close smoothly, it’s time to call a professional for repairs. If you get this fixed soon enough, you will save a lot more damage in the long run. To keep your garage door springs operating well, use the proper lubricant for garage doors.

2. Prioritize Seasonal Maintenance

Usually, before and after the winter months is a good time to do routine checks and maintenance work on your garage door. It’s easy to get into the traditions of changing seasons: family barbecues, winter ski holidays and anniversaries. So a lot of household chores such as your garage door maintenance can go overlooked. If you are one of those people who keep putting important tasks off, the simplest thing to do is schedule it, just like you schedule other tasks, like changing to winter tires, for example. Schedule your garage door maintenance, and don’t put it off.

Here are the most important things to check seasonally:

Broken Pieces and Missing Parts

If you see that any part of your garage door is broken or missing, don’t wait to replace it. The sooner you repair these little details, the longer your garage door will last.

Loose Parts

It is easy to fix loose parts; the problem is when you have waited too long and those parts go missing. You can prevent an emergency from happening by ensuring that there are no loose parts on your garage door.

The Garage Door Balance

Your garage door should open and close smoothly, and not hang or bend heavier on either side. Many people fail to check the balance of their garage doors and forget this important issue during repairs.

3. Check the Garage Door Safety Feature

Garage door safety sensors are one of the most important features on today’s automatic garage doors. If they get bumped into, they may become misaligned.

When you look at them closely, you can see that they are extremely intricate. Normally, the sensor will react or reverse its action when detecting light or a blockage in its path. This is essential for the safety factor of your doors. Especially if you have young children around, you want to ensure that your garage door sensors are always in top working condition.

Locate the Sensors

Typically, you will find your garage door sensors in either one of two common places: on the door itself or mounted to the rail close to the floor.

You can check if they are working properly by looking at the sensor beams. Remember, never use yourself or someone else’s body to test the sensors. This can be dangerous! Use something that you would not mind getting damaged. A thick roll of paper towels could work well.

Clean the Sensors

Many modern garage doors use LED sensors. When they are in correct working order and aligned properly, they light up. You can carefully wipe them with a clean, dry cloth to get rid of any dirt or residue which may have caused them to malfunction. Always handle your sensors with care so that they will last as long as possible.

Call a Professional

If you have checked all three of the above common garage problems and still need professional help, call one of our mechanics today. It is advised that you check your garage doors performance at least once a year. Preventative maintenance is a wise investment. By doing so, you avoid dangerous or inconvenient situations in the future.

At Premium Overhead Door, we believe preventative maintenance is a wise investment. It can help you avoid dangerous and inconvenient situations in the future. Call us if you want to:

  • Save budget for the long-term
  • Experience Increased efficiency and reliability
  • Extend the life of your garage door
  • Ensure safety and security

We recommend openers to be inspected twice a year. We will be able to assess the performance and perform an evaluation to determine the next steps.

In San Antonio, Texas, we provide all the services you may need for every type of garage door, from replacement of broken parts to new installations, repairs and maintenance checks.