Want to Fix Impaired Garage Door? We have a solution!

Garage Door Repair Service


Garage door repairs are not easy for the typical homeowner to carry out. However, waiting for a professional to come out and repair a garage door can result in a person being stuck with nowhere to store their vehicle – or worse – with a car that is trapped in the garage by the faulty garage door.

Premium Overhead Door, Inc. understands the frustration that is caused by a broken garage door. That is why we provide speedy San Antonio garage door repair service. Whenever residents need garage door repair in San Antonio, all they need to do is give us a call and we’ll spring into action to repair the door as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting a Malfunctioning Garage Door


Before calling us for a garage door repair in San Antonio, Texas, you may want to perform a few basic tests to see what is wrong with the garage door and determine whether it is possible to fix it using basic tools. The first step is to try using the wall switch instead of the remote control to operate the garage door. If the switch works but the remote does not, you may be able to fix the problem by simply changing the batteries in the garage door remote.

Some apparent garage door issues are actually caused by problems with the electrical circuits in the home. Garage doors often operate on a separate circuit to other appliances, so the electricity supply in other parts of the home may be working fine even though the garage door has lost power.

Your should check the circuit breaker for the garage circuit to find out whether something has tripped the circuit breaker and cut the electricity supply. If this is the cause of your problem, the solution is simple: reset the circuit. However, if this issue keeps happening, it is often a good idea to get the garage door checked to find out why it is tripping the circuit breakers.

Garage Door Diagnosis in San Antonio, Texas

If it is not possible to figure out what is wrong with the garage door, it is no problem. Sometimes the cause of the problem is obvious, such as a broken roller or the door has fallen off its track. But, in some cases, homeowners may be completely in the dark about why the garage door refuses to release their car. If this happens, San Antonio residents can call Premium Overhead Door, Inc. Our skilled technicians will come out and take a look at the garage door to determine which component is causing the malfunction.

Garage Door Repair San Antonio, TX

Premium Overhead Door, Inc. can repair a wide variety of garage door problems in San Antonio, TX. From resetting a garage door into its track so it can smoothly glide between the open and closed positions to carrying out repairs on damaged sections of the door, these garage door experts can address almost any problem.

Many garage door repairs require the replacement of parts. For example, one of the most common garage door problems is a broken roller. Problems with the opener mechanism can also cause some garage doors to stop working properly. Premium Overhead Door, Inc. can replace these broken parts with high-quality garage door components to ensure the door always works properly.

Noisy Garage Doors in San Antonio, TX

Even when garage doors fulfill their basic role of opening and closing to allow vehicles into and out of the garage, they may still have problems that need to be addressed. For example, noisy garage doors can cause irritation, particularly for families who need to open and close their garage doors late at night when children or neighbors are sleeping. When a garage door makes excessive noise, it may also be a sign that it is not correctly aligned in its tracks, which could lead to damage to the mechanism over time.

There are many reasons for people not to ignore a noisy garage door. Any residents of San Antonio, TX who are struggling with this issue can call Premium Overhead Door, Inc. Our technicians will take the time to find out why the door is producing so much noise and come up with a solution to make it operate more quietly. We are proud to provide a service that promotes peace and harmony between neighbors in the San Antonio community.

Other Garage Door Repairs in San Antonio, TX

Sometimes the issue with garage doors lies not with the doors themselves, but with the remote control or keypad that residents use to control when the doors open or close. If swapping the batteries in the remote control for new ones does not make the door respond, the remote control may need to be repaired or replaced. Premium Overhead Door, Inc. can supply the crucial parts of a residential garage door system, ensuring residents are always able to conveniently operate their garage doors.

No matter what problem affects garage doors, Premium Overhead Door, Inc. is ready to help. Get in touch today, or visit our website to find out more.