Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are essential to a home’s safety. They protect against unwanted entry while making the homeowner’s life more convenient. While these mechanisms can work well for years, they do eventually break down and require replacement. Homeowners need to monitor their garage door openers for signs it is time to buy a new model.

Safety Reversal Failure

Garage doors manufactured since 1993 have a safety reversal feature. These doors have two sensors near the bottom that detect if an object or person is in the closing door’s path. If the sensors detect something, they cause the door to reverse, thus preventing accidents. Homeowners need to replace any garage door that does not have this feature or no longer reverses when it should. This reversal is one of the most important elements of any garage door.

Keypad Entry

At times, residents need to enter the garage when they do not have the automatic opener at hand. Older doors require using an easily misplaced key in this circumstance. Homeowners should consider replacing these older doors with a model that comes with a keypad that uses either a numerical code or even a fingerprint to open. These models allow easy and safe access to the garage while keeping out intruders.

Noisy Operation

A noisy garage door is not a healthy garage door. If operation causes grinding and screeching to occur, the door is in bad shape. In particular, doors with a bicycle chain drive often become loud as they deteriorate. A newer model should have a screw or belt drive that offers quiet and efficient operation.

Battery Backup

Recent years have brought extreme weather to much of the United States, sometimes resulting in lengthy power outages. In the aftermath of a storm, people need easy access to their vehicles. A battery backup feature can keep the garage door working even when the power lines are damaged.
Many homeowners should consider investing in a new garage door, both for safety and convenience. Today’s garage doors are technologically advanced and are a good home improvement investment. Homeowners in the San Antonio area who are considering a new garage door should visit Premium Overhead Door to set up an appointment with highly trained specialists.