Install Garage Door

A garage door is one of the most important pieces of your home.

In addition to being one of the things that welcome people to the front of your place, a garage door also keeps your belongings secure and provides some protection for everything you’re storing in your garage.

The big question, then, is how to install a garage door that will do your home justice. Here’s your straightforward guide:

1. Release the Torsion Spring Tension

Before you start working on installing your new garage door, you’ll need to release the tension of the torsion spring associated with your current garage door.

Start doing this by simply clamping the adjustable locking pliers onto the shaft of the torsion spring and wedging them against the header wall.

From here, use a steel rod and insert it into the holes around the spring winding cone. Use the rod to loosen the setscrews, one-quarter turn at a time. This will gradually loosen the tension of the springs.

2. Disconnect the Opener and Door

Next, you’ll want to disconnect the opener and the door of your current garage setup. Do this after the tension from the torsion spring has been released.

Start by first removing the door panels. Begin with the top panel, remove the hinges and disconnect the track. If your garage door has glass panels, be careful not to break them as you remove it.

3. Install the New Panels

Next, it’s time to start installing your new door. If you’re installing a door for a two-car garage, put a reinforcing bar into the top panel of the door to prevent it from buckling. Make sure it’s centered in the panel and then secure it with screws.

Finally, put the bottom panel into the door opening, hold it upright and ensure it’s level before you attach it. Secure the door’s hinges and install the track. Attach the brackets to the wall and ensure the wheels sit properly on the track.

4. Install the Springs

Next, you’ll want to locate the center of the garage opening and mark that spot on the header of the door.

Attach the anchors to the springs, install the torsion rod and pulleys and attach the cable. Tighten the springs and your new door should be good to go!

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