Garage door repair san Antonio,san Antonio Garage door repair

With the heat and severe weather that frequents the San Antonio area, you never want to be stuck outside of your home because of an issue with your garage. There could be a couple of reasons as to why your garage door has trouble operating.

If you ever find yourself stuck with a rickety door or one that just won’t open- try these repair tips:

When your door won’t open:
If your wireless key isn’t opening the garage door- be sure that you are within range of the antenna inside of the garage. Try moving a little bit closer to the garage. If this doesn’t solve your problem, make sure the garage door still opens with the wall switch- if it does then try replacing the batteries in the device. Often the signal weakens as the battery power gets drained.

When your door gets stuck:
When a garage door gets stuck or slows down along its track, it’s a simple issue that can be solved with a little bit of maintenance. Look at the rollers and tracks of your door, if they look dirty or have an excessive build up they will need a cleaning. Use a cleaning spray and degreaser and then go at them with a brush, let the tracks dry and it should work like new.

When your door is noisy:
Noisy doors are often one of the more annoying issues with a garage door. The fix for this could be simple- see if you can find where the noise is coming from, usually a loose screw or bolt. After locating the issue, try taking some tools and tightening the screw. This should solve your issue.

If you are still seeing problems after these quick fixes, there might be a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. These big fixes are often more dangerous than adjusting a loose screw and should be addressed by a professional. If you experience overhead door problems and need a San Antonio garage door repair company, give Premium Overhead Doors a call!

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