Broken Garage Door Spring

  1. Garage Door Cables Appear to Be Broken

Usually, the first sign of a broken garage door spring is if the garage door cables are broken. This is because the cables on the garage door will either fall to the ground, fly in all different directions, become disconnected from the door, or get caught in between the garage door and the jamb. It is uncommon for the cables to break or need replacing when your garage door spring breaks.


  1. Garage Door Goes Up 6” and Stops

Most people don’t even know they have a broken garage door spring until they try to leave their home. When they push the button to open the garage door, it only goes up 6” then stops. This happens because the garage door opener force or sensitivity has activated, which causes the opener to stop pulling the door up. This safety feature is built into most garage door openers and is a good thing when the open force activates to prevent any damage to your garage door or opener.


  1. You Hear a Loud “Bang” in the Garage

It is extremely common for homeowners to claim they heard a tremendous noise or commotion coming from the garage when a spring breaks. Some even think that someone is trying to break into their home. When a spring from a garage door breaks, an enormous amount of energy is being displaced. Garage door springs are mounted over the garage door and have a shaft running through the middle. The spring unwinds in less than a second and creates a loud noise due to the coils spinning off the shaft. Customers say it can be incredibly startling.


  1. The Top Section of Your Garage Door is Bent

If your electric garage door opener tried to lift the garage door and bent the top section, the garage door springs are most likely broken. This most commonly happens when the “open force” has been turned all the way up on the circuit board.


  1. Garage Door Falling Faster When Going Down

Another indicator of a broken spring is when your garage door falls faster than usual when closing it with your automatic opener. An unbalanced garage door causes this. Garage door openers are not designed to carry the weight of an unbalanced garage door. When the garage door is unbalanced, it can cause the garage door to fall faster than usual.


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