In the world of commercial garage doors, problems will emerge over time especially with everyday use. There will be minor problems that require a simple roller replacement and significant issues that call for professional help. Learn the most common problems, and how they affect a  commercial garage door.

Damaged Rollers 

Over time garage door rollers wear down from daily use and interactions, dirt and debris in the tracks speed up the process as well. You should look for signs of an improper functionality when operating the garage door. If the rollers are showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to replace them.

Improper alignment and damage to the track  

Businesses use commercial overhead doors for a variety of reason, and at times accidents happen that cause damage to the tracks. An overhead door track can go out of alignment or be damaged and cause trouble when opening and closing. Signs to look for are gaps between the rails and rollers and curved or bent metal in the alignment of the tracks.

Damaged Cables

The damaged cable to look for will depend on the type of commercial garage door. The extension spring garage system uses safety cables to prevent a broken spring from flying and causing damage to property or oneself. The torsion spring cables help the spring keep the overhead door on track and provide an extra layer of protection from unexpected crashes. Look for floppy, frayed, and cracked cables and replace them to avoid any issues.

Damaged Torsion Spring

The torsion spring allows the commercial garage door to open and close with ease. With a broken torsion spring, the door will seem almost impossible to open manually. The common problem happens when the spring snaps due to everyday use. A heavy garage door can be a sign that your torsion spring is in need of repair.

Damaged Section or Panel

If you have a damaged section or panel in your door, you’re in luck! Only the panel with the damage needs to be replaced. The typical sign of a damaged panel will be an inward or outward bend. To get a section replaced, call your local repair company today.

In the lifetime of a commercial garage door more than likely you will come across one of these problems. If you notice any signs of problems, it is best to call for professional help. In San Antonio, Texas, Premium Overhead Door Inc., provides the services to all issues dealing with commercial overhead doors. To learn more contact us at (210) 899-2760 or  You can also visit us on our website at