Looking for garage door repair parts can be a drag if you don’t know where to start looking in San Antonio. Some of the best places can be right around the corner from where you live. Online shopping is also a great place to look when they don’t have any parts in stock at your local store. Listed below are the best places to find repair parts for your garage door in San Antonio, Texas.

Grainger Industrial Supply:

Grainger has a broad range of garage door parts both instore and online. There are two located in the San Antonio region, and if you can’t make it to their store, they also offer online shopping with an expected date of delivery.

The instore option though is useful if you need the part right away and you can’t wait a couple of days to repair your garage door. The store usually has customer service associates to help assist you with the parts you need. Another great reason to shop instore is so you can physically see the part you need and compare it to your old one.

Tip: Before heading to the store call to see if your local retailer has the part available instore.

American Garage Door Supply Inc. 

AGDS Inc. only has an online shop, which is a great way to order garage parts if you don’t have the time to go a store. Their website offers a wide variety of specialty garage door hardware, national brand, and O.E.M overhead garage door parts for your repair. They also have tools available to help you in repairing your door.

Garage door part supply 

Garage Door Part Supply is another excellent option when looking for repair parts. The company has been in business for over 55 years and have grown into an online store. They have almost every possible item you need to repair your garage door on their website.

No matter when you get your replacement part, it is important to practice safety when repairing your door. Some repairs are simple and can be done by switching out on part with another or tightening a screw. Complicated maintenance should be performed by a professional, to ensure neither you nor the door is damaged.

If you need help repairing your garage door and live in the San Antonio area, give POD a call today! We are happy to order any repairs parts for you and have someone on call 24/7 to fit your needs. We offer repair and installation services to the San Antonio area for residential and commercial garage doors. To learn more about our garage door repair service call us at (210) 899-2760 or visit our website at https://premiumoverheaddoor.com/ .