Garage Door Repair San AntonioSummer is creeping up day by day, and your garage door may need some maintenance to keep it running smoothly and effectively. Getting a garage door ready for a new season is essential to maintaining the function of the door,  and is often overlooked by many owners. This oversight can lead to repairs that could have been avoided.  Here are a few tips to help your garage door get from the winter and into the summer season.


Clean it up

Using your household items to clean your garage can boost the elimination from rust and clogged hinges. Inside and outside, the debris piles up from time to time and can get caught in the garage door opener, tracks, and rollers. Leaves that fall from the Live Oak trees are a huge contributor to build up in the spring months. Be sure also to clean the weather stripping and check for cracks, tears, missing pieces, and places where stripping may have become loose. Lastly check the garage door thoroughly for any gunk or grease build up.


Replace Any Broken Parts

Check the garage door windows, often hail or severe rain and cold during the winter can damage the door if they damaged replace them. Leaving them broken can cause severe damage to your stuff inside the garage. Examine the garage door for any other broken pieces that need to be replaced. This can be the determining factor of repair or replace.


Tighten loose bolts

Over time screws and bolts become used for everyday lifting and closing. Check them before the summer season comes, so you are not out in the hot weather trying to fix your garage door.


Make sure to lubricate

Using a silicone lubricant spray is better than grease or WD40 because it may start to drip onto your vehicle, garage floor or items stored. Lubricating your part will ensure your garage door to open and close smoothly throughout the year.


Contact a specialist

Lastly, if you are not comfortable doing a maintenance check on your garage door contact a specialist to help you out. They are trained professionals in the area and will get your garage door to run properly through the summer season.

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