Garage Door Opener San AntonoA garage door opener is an asset to have for your house. It is not until you install it that you notice how convenient it is to have a machine open and close the door for you. Today’s technology allows you to add unique features to your garage door opener like an app that links your garage door opener to your phone. Many significant benefits come with installing a garage door opener like operating it remotely and giving you peace of mind.

Cost Effective

To begin with, the price of a garage door isn’t that much. The features the machine brings to the table is well worth the buy. If you have valuables stored in your garage or need a convenient way to access your home storage space, an automatic garage door opener is the answer.


The security a garage door brings to your home is equivalent to having a large storage space in your home. With automatic openers, an access code can be programmed that can eliminate those that don’t know the code from entering the space. It’s an extra level of security that contributes to a higher peace of mind.

Added Value

If you are thinking about selling your home in a few years, adding a garage door opener will increase the value of your home. Not only can you enjoy the garage door opener, most home buyers look specifically for automatic openers when purchasing a new house. That’s more bang for your buck, as people say it.

Weather Protection

Say you’re getting home from work and it is a rainy day, the last thing you want to do is get out of your vehicle and lift the garage door open while you’re getting soaked in the rain. Installing a garage door opener will prevent you from having to get out by a push of a button on the garage remote. The door will automatically open, and you can thank your garage door opener for keeping you and your clothes dry!

If you’re thinking about installing a garage door opener, make sure you consult a professional team before you purchase. Certain homes need specific types of products and it’s always best to ask those that know garages before you buy. Premium Overhead Door, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas has been in the garage door business since 2000. We are proud to say we serve more than 400 satisfied customers each month. So, you can count on us to install your garage door opener, give us a call at 210-899-2760 or visit our website at for more information.