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Five Winter Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Operating Smoothly

With winter fast approaching, performing a few preventative maintenance tasks can help keep your garage door running smoothly all season long. LUBRICATE ALL METAL MOVING PARTS Cold weather and moisture can cause your garage door roller’s, tracks, springs, and hinges to stick and can prevent your garage door from opening

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Five Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Summer is creeping up day by day, and your garage door may need some maintenance to keep it running smoothly and effectively. Getting a garage door ready for a new season is essential to maintaining the function of the door,  and is often overlooked by many owners. This oversight can

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3 Top Things to Remember About Garage Door Maintenance

Whether you also use your garage as storage or extra space, or just for its actual purpose, to house your car, caring for your garage door is just as essential as caring for your vehicle. Scheduling regular checks with Premium Overhead Door is highly recommended, especially as your garage door

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