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Coiling Steel Doors

Coiling Steel Doors

Coiling/Rolling Steel Doors

Service Doors
Serving the industry with an array of curtain materials (prefinished galvanized steel in gauges from 24 to 18, stainless, or aluminum), slat profiles, and colors. Cloplay’s rolling security shutters can accommodate most opening and building requirements. Perforated slats are available for areas where air flow is required.

Counter Doors/Shutters
Cloplay rolling security shutters (doors) are ideal for concession areas, cafeterias, pharmacies, cashiers, parts and tool storage areas where resistance to flame spread or smoke penetration is not required.

Security Grilles
Open air model grilles provide security while allowing full visual access and air circulation. Full closure models provide visual access in most cases and enhanced security by preventing pilferage through openings. Applications include shopping malls, convention centers, schools, garages and other institutional, commercial and retail projects. Side-folding grilles are available in open air and full closure models and feature multiple styles, patterns and colors. Rolling grilles are also available in open air and full closure models.

Roll-Up Sheet Doors
Constructed from 26ga by 24 in wide sheets of steel roll formed with integral grooves that are hemmed together to form a continuous sheet guided vertically by roll formed guides. Sheet coilsaround a spring-loaded shaft above the header as the door is opened. Designed with ease of installation in mind.

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